Sandy Scott

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Frog Formerly Known as Prince Fountain

Frog of Poudre Canyon Fountain

Antelope Bookends

Wren Hook

Scotty Leash Hook

Rooster Knocker

Ram Head Knocker

Promising Pup Hunter's Hook

Pig Apron Hook

Owl Knocker

Muley Hunter's Hook

Muley Buck & Doe

Humming Bird Hook

Fox Looking Back Hook

Female Spa Hook

Double Horse Knocker

Cat Nouveau Hook

Bridle Hook East

Bear and Bull Knocker

Trophy Bookends

Trish's Rabbit

Top of the Morning

Teton Tribute Bookends

Swine Song Study


Remembering Will James Bookends

Red Rascal

Recumbent Hare

Recumbent Cow

Quail Gamebird Bookends

Promising Pup

Porker Portrait

On the Rocks Maquette


Marauder of the Night

Making it in the Market II Bookends

King of the Coop Study

Harbinger of Light

Gilcrease Eagle Bookends

Fox Rock Mantelpiece

Expecting Study

Eat More Beef Maquette

Eagle of the Rock

Dust Bath

Down from Bull Mountain

Dough Boys Bookends

Country Couple

Cocina Queen II

Chum Run at Irish Creek Study-

Cat in the Creamery

Big Bruiser

Ahead of the Storm

Red Willows