Ed Fraughton | |

Born March 22, 1939 in Park City, Utah

Resides in South Jordan, Utah

Ed Fraughton won a national art competition in the fourth grade and that award was just enough impetus for him to pursue his artistic interests. Encouraged by his teachers and a talented mother, he completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and graduate studies at the University of Utah, studying under Dr. Avard T. Fairbanks, himself a student of such noted sculptors as James Earle Fraser.

Fraughton received his first commission to do a large, heroic monument for the city of San Diego, just six years after his graduation from college. Many other commissions have followed, including a 14-foot Spirit of Wyoming on the grounds of the State Capitol Building in Cheyenne, Wyoming; a Monument to Education at Rexburg, Idaho; and the Cadet Monument, located on the campus of Randolph-Macon Academy in Front Royal, Virginia. Presently, the artist is participating in a sculpture that encompasses three city blocks in Omaha, Nebraska.

"When creating sculpture things must first be technically correct," he says. "But that's only half the process. The other half is being able to portray the quality of emotion or spirit."

That spirit was expressed in his 1980 sculpture, WELLS FARGO. He said, "Occasionally an idea is born but lies dormant for a long time before expressing itself in action and refinement. Fascination with the old Overland Stagecoach finally became more than a dioramic model of the original beautiful, hand- wrought design of the manufacturer. It became the force of rhythm and motion moving in unity...man, animal and machine in a rugged environment."

In his 1988 sculpture, THE COWBOY, Fraughton offered a different perspective on history. Of that work he said, "As profoundly important as the charioteer was to the ancient Egyptian and the centaur to the ancient Greek, so too, was the cowboy in the opening and development of the great American West. The story of man and horse permeate the entire spectrum of recorded history. There are heroes and there are horses. Never has man and horse melded into a greater homogeneous whole and become more universally loved than in the subject, the cowboy."

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