We value relationships

Montgomery-Lee Fine Art Gallery has developed a reputation in Park City for quality and unique offerings. Our customers and clients return to our gallery over and over throughout the years and we appreciate and value those relationships.
We appreciate that the friendships we have created over the years are what we value most.

Montgomery-Lee Fine Art - About Us
Montgomery-Lee Fine Art – Linda Montgomery-Lee and Jennifer Lee-Fargo

All in the Family

As a family-owned gallery, Linda Lee and gallery director, Jennifer Lee-Fargo, have served clients and represented artists for over 27 years in Park City. Montgomery-Lee Fine Art, one of Utah’s premier art galleries, features the finest in impressionistic and realistic paintings and sculptures by 21st-century artists ranging from the most established to the newly emerging.

We offer stunning, high-quality custom portrait work by a variety of artists. We also specialize in procuring and placing monumental bronze sculptures for residential and commercial spaces. Our bronze collection includes the masterful works of some of America’s most award-winning sculptors.

Our expert staff helps to guide clients every step of the way through the purchasing process. When people are drawn to a certain painting, but don’t know why, we see it as our job to inform them about the artwork and the artist and help them understand why they may be drawn to it. Our staff is dedicated to treating their clients honestly and fairly. It’s all about connecting people with something they love.

“This is a wonderful gallery for the first-time buyer or the seasoned collector. We don’t expect our customers to purchase just one piece of art. Instead, we often see them over and over throughout the years. We value those relationships.” — Jennifer Lee Fargo

“While we appreciate all forms of art, we would be proud to have any of these in our own homes.”
— Linda Lee

Our Artists and Artwork

Our nationally recognized artists provide museum quality work — often of local subject matter. Our artists include Steve Songer, Jared Sanders, Joseph Alleman, Dean Bradshaw, Robert Moore, Don Weller, Mike Malm, Bonnie Posselli, and many others. Our bronze collection includes the masterful works of Richard MacDonald, Sandy Scott, Gerald Balciar, and Kent Ullberg. We also specialize in procurement and placement of exceptional bronze sculptures for residential and commercial spaces. Our bronze collection includes the masterful works of some of America’s most award winning sculptors.

“I consider our artists to be some of our greatest friends, because they have been with us for so long.” — Jennifer Lee Fargo

We feature a variety artists who match our galleries style and standards of excellence.
Our artists bring us amazing pieces and every once in a while an artist just knocks it out of the park. It’s an honor to represent their work.

Montgomery-Lee Fine Arts Gallery

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